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The Advantages of a Totten Trust

Forbes has named the Totten Trust as one of the six types of trusts for the person who has everything. A Totten Trust is a type of trust account that is established at a local bank. Totten Trusts originated as a method of creating trusts for people who possessed no real property and could not […]

Essential Advice for Selecting an Executor

Individuals traditionally select family members to serve as the executors of their estates. Sometimes, however, family situations become complicated after the death of a loved, like the current situation involving the estate of Muhammad Ali. Individuals hope to be able to count on their family members during a difficult time. Selecting an individual, however, to […]

Estate Planning for the Never Married

Married couples and parents usually have an easy time determining who will inherit their assets. An increasing number of Americans are faced with the situation of passing away without either spouses or children in place. In an article published last year, the New York Times reported that it is wiser for unmarried individuals to make […]

Your Rights Following a Bicycle Accident in San Diego County

Biking is one of California’s most popular sports and pastimes, due in large part to the state’s beautiful weather, scenic roadways, abundant state parks and bike trails, and active population. Experienced cyclists know how to take precautions to protect themselves on the trail or road, but many cyclists are still involved in accidents due to […]

Drug and Sex Crimes Among the Most Common in California

Along with theft, driving-related crimes, and assault and battery, drug crimes, fraud, domestic violence, and sex crimes are among the most common in the state of California. If you have been charged with any of these crimes, it is imperative that you mount the strongest possible legal defense. The reason for this is because conviction […]

Defending Against Underage DUI in California

Many young people come down with what is known as “spring fever” this time of year.  This disease is not a health condition, as the name might imply. Spring fever, rather, is an excess of energy, difficulty concentrating, and a proclivity for mischief. The sun is shining, the weather warming, flowers blooming, and life is […]