Bringing a Personal Injury Suit Against a Driver on Prescription Drugs

Have you or a loved one been injured as the result of the negligent or reckless conduct of a person driving while experiencing side effects related to a medical prescription? Did you know that the law holds these drivers accountable just the same as drivers who caused personal injuries or property damage as a result of other types of careless, reckless, or intentionally wrongful driving? Neither the legality of a prescription nor ignorance of its side effects are valid bases for avoiding liability for the damages caused by a breach of the duty of safe driving. So, if you have been injured by driver under the influence of even a legal prescription medication, it is within your right to seek compensation from them for your injuries, medical bills, lost income due to missed work, pain and suffering, and other losses. To hold the at-fault driver responsible for these damages, contact a skilled and experienced California criminal defense attorney.

Driving Under the Influence of Prescription Drugs is Dangerous

Properly prescribed and responsibly consumed, most medications pose little danger to driving safety. However, some medications come with serious side effects including drowsiness, audio-visual distortions, irritability, and even seizures. These side effects, which can result from either the presence or absence (e.g. withdrawal) of a prescription medication, pose serious – even lethal – risks when coupled with driving. Just imagine if a driver, traveling at 65mph on the highway, unexpectedly falls asleep or experiences convulsions or a seizure. Terrifying, isn’t it?  

Of course you may know firsthand of the terrible consequences if you or a loved one have been seriously injured by a driver who lost control of a vehicle while experiencing medication-related side effects. While you may not harbor the same bad feelings for this type of driver as you would a drunk driver, you may still hold him or her responsible for the tragic toll taken on your person and property. Ignorance of the existence of side effects or the possibility of their occurrence while driving is no excuse. It is the responsibility of a driver to know the effects of the prescription medications they are on, just as it is the responsibility of the driver’s prescribing physician and pharmacist to inform the driver, in writing, of any possible side effects.  

When lack of awareness or forgetfulness leads to an accident, legal liability may still be rightly imposed.  This is the basis for you seeking compensation for your personal injuries, medical expenses, pain and suffering, lost income due to missed work, and other losses – even from a driver who was unaware of the potential side effects that played a role in the accident that caused your injuries. To seek the compensation you need and deserve for your losses, contact a dedicated and skilled San Diego personal injury attorney. Time is of the essence in filing a personal injury lawsuit, so do not delay in contacting an experienced attorney.