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What Is Estate Planning?

Estate planning has a wide variety of areas that it covers, and no two estate plans are the same as everyone has different assets, beneficiaries, and plans for their family and futures. People sometimes get confused on what estate planning actually is, or actually covers, so knowing these areas can be beneficial to your plan. […]

Estate Planning: Something New

With the worldwide pandemic still going on, many people are starting to look at their estate plan and wondering if changes need to be made. Whether it is assets falling, interest rates dropping, or something else, there are many reasons to review an estate plan. When planning this out, keep in mind the process does […]

What To Do With Estate Planning Documents

There are many aspects to an estate plan, with many people that are not attorneys, not knowing the ins and outs of estate planning. There are many documents involved when creating an estate plan, and knowing what to do with these documents, or where to keep them in case of necessary retrieval, is important. Creating […]

Common Estate Plan Mistakes

Estate plans, and putting them together and executing them, are complicated matters. This is why an attorney should be hired, as most people do not even know where to begin with estate planning. Even if yours is complete, you should double check it. Many mistakes can be made, and here are 5 common ones. When’s […]

Self Employment and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy is a tricky situation no matter how you look at it, and anytime someone is thinking about filing for bankruptcy, there is a lot to consider. Chapter 13 bankruptcy is no different. A common question that is asked is if you can file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy as a self-employed individual. This is not […]

Bankruptcy While Being A Veteran

Bankruptcy is not a great to place to be in no matter who you are. A common question from Veterans of the Armed Forces however, is if they will lose their benefits if they file for bankruptcy. The short, easy answer to this is no, but there is more to it than just a simple […]

Are cognitive biases the reason for your bankruptcy?

Going with your gut or trusting your instincts is not always the best way to make a decision. Especially decisions that affect your livelihood. Cognitive biases are a real (and sometimes extreme) factor that can play a huge role into why someone has to file for bankruptcy. Here are some examples of how cognitive biases […]